The Top 9 Best Home Saunas on the Market: A Comprehensive Review

best outdoor sauna

Saunas are relaxing places to unwind and enjoy life, but this isn’t the only reason to install one on your property. The investment can greatly boost your property value. Plus, they can help you stay healthy by reducing stress and helping your immune system.

To make the most of these benefits, though, you’ll need to choose the best outdoor sauna for your specific needs. Read on to learn the types of sauna options available for luxury-minded homeowners.

1. Traditional Outdoor Cabin Saunas

Those who love traditional and classic design will love SaunaLife’s 6-person traditional outdoor cabin sauna. This wooden structure is made from simple Nordic spruce and has a sleek, clean appearance. The benches inside are knotless aspen for comfort and longevity.

The wood is minimalistic and beautiful. Its light hue has a warm cream undertone. However, you can easily paint or stain it in any color you prefer so that it matches the rest of your exterior decor.

This cabin sauna is especially effective at trapping heat for the best possible experience. Its slanted roof design is beautiful as well as effective at keeping warm air contained. The glass windows also have 5/16″ tempered bodies to keep the warm air in.

Despite its classic and timeless appearance, this sauna also has tech-savvy elements. A white LED bar can illuminate the space effectively so that you can relax inside with a book or some friends.

2. Dundalk Leisurecraft Cube Sauna

If you want a smaller sauna, the Canadian Timber Luna Sauna is a great choice. It holds two to four people and compact dimensions for a petite home fixture. It works well in smaller backyards, so saunas aren’t limited to sprawling properties and large suburban homes.

This sauna is extremely easy to assemble. It’s made from solid cedar that serves to trap heat inside the big box. When you order this sauna and have it installed within one day, the installation process just consists of snapping the beveled white cedar siding, pre-made benches, and floor joists together.

One of the best things about this traditional sauna is the natural light that its design allows in. You may fear that an 80.25″ box might become claustrophobic, but two big windows let in enough natural light for the space to feel larger. Note that the wooden door border is secured to keep in warm air just as the windows are.

This sauna has the added benefit of being less expensive than other options, so it’s perfect for budget-minded homeowners who want to add some luxury to their lives.

3. True North Schooner Barrel Saunas

A barrel sauna is one with rounded sides and a curved structure. It’s a circular building with a flat base. True North Schooner is by far one of the best barrel sauna brands on the market. They’ve perfected a traditional design and made it available in multiple sizes.

You can choose from pine, white cedar, and red cedar wood when installing this sauna. Its 1.55″ thickness traps heat effectively, and the wood-framed glass door keeps warmth inside, too.

One of the coolest things about these structures is their optional sauna features. You can get front and rear windows if you want some extra sunlight inside your space, but you don’t need to. There’s also the option to add a one-foot porch to the front of the sauna so you can relax both inside and outside.

You can get these saunas in 6′ 2-4 person models, 8′ 4-6 person alternatives, and large 9′ 6-8 person structures. No matter how many people you plan to relax with, there’s an option available for you.

4. SaunaLife Long Barrel Sauna: Ergo Model

Natural light enthusiasts will enjoy Saunalife’s Ergo Elegance Series barrel sauna. This six-person structure has a front made from glass as well as a sleek glass door. It’s complemented by black accents on the thermo-spruce barrel for a cohesive aesthetic.

You may worry that this much glass will let heat escape, but that isn’t the case. The sauna is specially designed to trap heat and keep you comfortable while inside.

Like most of our saunas, you’ll be able to choose what kind of heater you want inside. Whether that’s a wood-burning stove or an electric heater is up to you. The sauna will work seamlessly regardless of your decision.

5. Pre-Assembled Unique Saunas

While traditional saunas are classics for a reason, indulging in recent trends never goes out of style, either. Because of this, Norse Stream offers a wide number of “unique” saunas that don’t look like classically simple structures.

One of the best is the pre-assembled SaunaLife outdoor sauna.

The G7S model holds six people comfortably. Its front wall lighting makes it a bright and cheerful place to relax, and natural light also comes through the tall windows on the front of the wooden sauna. It’s insulated to trap heat as well, so cold air won’t radiate through the windows.

The G6 model comfortably holds five people inside its wooden structure. Made from spruce and alder, this black-painted sauna is sleek and modern with PVC subflooring. It will never feel cold, and the slanted roof keeps snow and rain from piling up and causing cold leakage.

One of the main sauna features that sets the G6 model apart is that the electric heater can be controlled via WiFi. You can set timers and schedules as well if you tend to use the sauna at the same time regularly. Plus, the remote-controlled LED light bar is extremely convenient to boot.

6. SaunaLife Barrel Sauna With Changing Room

If you love barrel saunas but want a built-in changing area, you’re in luck. SaunaLife, one of the most widely-renowned sauna brands, has created an eight-person structure that incorporates a changing room.

This room is separated from the sauna itself by a tempered glass wall. It affords those changing some privacy while separating rooms with different temperatures.

This sauna also has some other excellent features that buyers love. It’s made from thermo-spruce wood that was treated in a special kiln so it would last longer. It also has a black shingle roof that affords installation and an outdoor storage space for extra wood to burn.

7. Traditional Outdoor Pod Saunas

Barrel saunas have rounded walls, but they’re even all the way around. This isn’t true of a pod sauna that has tall, curved walls that meet at the top at a point. The unique shape is eye-catching and individualistic for those who want to showcase their eccentric eye for design.

Its beautiful and sleek exterior is also complemented by bronze door accents that make it look high-end and classy.

The parabolically arched sauna model lends well to the circulation of hot air. The interior is also built for comfort with both benches and backrests. Plus, you can control the lights inside with a WiFi application, so it’s a high-tech option for modern homeowners.

8. SaunaLife Traditional Indoor Sauna Models

SaunaLife also makes indoor saunas for those who don’t want to take up yard space with an exterior fixture. These saunas are made from light-colored spruce and aspen with tempered glass doors and windows.

Some of them hold two people. Others hold four to six. However, all of them look similar and can go into a bathroom or other special sauna room inside the home.

These saunas have both interior seating and footrests. Their compact design is beautiful, and the extended bar door handles make it easy to get in and out.

9. Finnmark Infrared Saunas

Most saunas use electric or wood-burning heaters to emit warmth. This heat circulates throughout the space because of its thick walls and insulation properties. However, an infrared sauna works a little bit differently.

Instead of heating all of the air inside the enclosure, infrared technology converts light colors (like red light) to heat. It heats your body directly instead of heating all of the air around you.

This is beneficial for those who want to experience the relaxation of a sauna without overheating in sweltering air.

Some studies also suggest that infrared saunas have specialized health benefits that alternatives don’t offer. It may reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart failure and type 2 diabetes. It’s also possible that it can help with dementia, arthritis, and headaches.

However, more studies will need to be done for conclusive evidence.

Finnmark is one of the best infrared sauna brands on the market. They make these saunas in a wide range of sizes. Some hold four to six people while others are made specifically for couples looking to bring some romance to their lives.

Others are made for solo use, so you can enjoy the health benefits of a sauna while on your own!

Find the Best Outdoor Sauna for Your Needs

While relaxing and unwinding can be challenging in a stressful world, a home sauna can be a calming oasis in a fast-paced world. Now that you know some of the best outdoor sauna options on the market, it’s time to begin selecting the one that best meets your needs.

Our team is committed to offering a wide range of saunas as well as high-quality sauna installation on-site. There are several financing options available to make it an affordable investment. Contact Norse Steam to learn more about how we can turn your dream home feature into a reality.

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