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Our most Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We are located in Casper, Wyoming.

Yes, we have partnered up with Affirm to provide Monthly Financing Options.

Here is a link to our Monthly Financing Guide.


Shipping in the Continental US is Free.

  • Dundalk Leisurecraft and True North Sauna is Free for both Canada & continental US customers.
  • Shipping to Canada on SaunaLife & Finnmark products have an extra fee of $300, plus import tax of 5%.  Those two brands are being shipped from Illinois into Canada, which raises shipping costs.

We carry multiple brands, that each ship from a different location. See the list below:

  • Dundalk Lesiurecraft- Canada
  • True North Saunas- Canada
  • SaunaLife- Illinois 
  • Finnmark- Illinois
  • Dundalk Leisurecraft- Approximately 1-2 weeks after estimated build date
  • SaunaLife- 1-2 weeks ( majority ship same day)
  • Finnmark- 1-2 weeks ( majority ship same day)


  • We currently do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, but if you are really interested, we can request for a custom freight quote.

Sauna Assembly

It is an easy assembly. Here is the Link to our Video Gallery, along with our Warranty Guide– ( Our warranty guide page also has assembly instruction manuals available per brand).

We currently do not have affiliated contractors, but assembly is very easy. It only takes a coupe of people in a few hours.

Our sauna kits arrive in a crate. You will need to assemble it but it is a very quick assembly.

Indoor & Infrared Saunas

No, indoor saunas are not built to withstand outdoor temperatures.

It is hardwired and you will need a licensed electrician. 

It is a 220v, 30 or 40 amp fuse ( depends on heater size) with a hardwired connection.

Yes, we do have a sauna with dual heaters.

Check our the steam/ infrared sauna by here for 4 person and 2 person

The infrared sauna’s maximum temperature is 150F

Barrel Saunas

Yes it can. It is able to handle all outdoor weather! It is even blizzard ready!

Since we carry multiple brands, our saunas also ship and are manufactured from many different locations.

  • Dundalk Leisurecraft- Canada
  • True North Saunas- Canada
  • SaunaLife- Illinois 
  • Finnmark- Illinois 

The steam you make in either electric or wood burning, comes from pouring water o the rocks- which is the same on either one.

Yes of course! There’s a misconception that water isn’t recommended, but in a traditional sauna, the main purpose of rocks is to create steam by pouring water on them!

Pod Saunas

Yes, you most definitely can upgrade your sauna heater to a wood burning stove.

Wood Burning Heaters

The wood stove does not require any special wood.

Most of our Saunas, have an option for a wood burning heater, that does include a chimney kit in the price.

It goes as high as 195F

It takes less than an hour between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the sauna.