SaunaLife Model E7G 4 Person Barrel Sauna with Glass Front

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SAUNALIFE MODEL E7G 4 PERSON BARREL SAUNA WITH GLASS FRONTSaunaLife Model E7G 4 Person Barrel Sauna with Glass Front

The dynamic glass front of this 4 person outdoor sauna allows more outside light to enter into the sauna, giving up to four people on the inside a peaceful space for relaxation. This barrel sauna has two benches on opposite ends on the inside, and an LED light bar adds extra light for the entire inside when needed.

The black roof shingles add an appealing accent to the outside, plus the shingles will insulate the inside from various harmful conditions. The tempered glass materials also maintain their shape in all weather conditions, plus the bronze accents around the glass add a nice touch. The sauna also has dual floor drains to improve how well the inside of the sauna can clear out water. 


  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Exterior Dimensions (inches): 5’11” long, 6’9” diameter
  • Interior Dimensions (inches): 5’3” long, 6’5” diameter
  • Wood: Thermo-Spruce outside, Thermo-Aspen inside
  • Stainless Steel Barrel Bank Thickness (inches): ⅛”
  • Door: 5/16” tempered bronze glass
  • Door Size (inches): 23.2” wide, 66.5” wide
  • Made In: Northern Europe
  • Weight (pounds): 1212
  • Installation: One day with two people

Effortless Purchase and Installation

Acquiring the SaunaLife Model E7G is simple with our easy online ordering process. Delivered directly to your home, this outdoor sauna can be assembled in just one day by two people. Enjoy the convenience of a do-it-yourself setup without the need for professional assistance.

Premium Quality and Sustainable Design

The Model E7G is part of the ERGO-Series, crafted from high-quality Thermo-Spruce, which lasts up to twice as long as Cedar. This eco-friendly, chemical-free wood offers superior thermal resistance (R-value) and is ideal for outdoor use, ensuring that your sauna remains a functional and attractive part of your backyard for years to come.

Ergonomic Comfort

The spacious 6’5” interior height of the Model E7G ensures a comfortable sauna experience for up to four people. The curved Thermo-Aspen benches and arched backrests are designed for ergonomic support, providing exceptional comfort for bathers of all sizes. The full glass front, featuring tempered bronze glass, creates an open, airy ambiance, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings as you relax and detoxify.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Wellness

The SaunaLife Model E7G is engineered with several advanced features to elevate your sauna experience. The dual floor drains ensure effective water elimination, while the heavy-duty stainless steel barrel bands. The black shingle roof kit also provides exceptional weather resistance. The E SCONCE+ and E MOOD lighting upgrades offer both practical and aesthetic benefits, creating the perfect atmosphere for your sauna sessions.

Stunning Aesthetics and Superior Craftsmanship

Handcrafted in Northern Europe, the Model E7G features full-length Thermo-Spruce staves and ergonomically designed Thermo-Aspen benches and backrests. The sauna’s sleek design, combined with the rich golden color of the wood and rustic tight-knot charm, makes it a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. A complimentary bottle of paraffin oil is included to preserve and enrich the sauna’s luster.

Key Features:

  • Thermo-Spruce Materials: Lasts up to 2X longer than Cedar, offering superior thermal resistance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Spacious 6’5” interior height with curved Thermo-Aspen benches and arched backrests for ultimate comfort.
  • Full Glass Front: Tempered bronze glass door and sidelight windows create a full glass front wall, enhancing the sauna’s spacious feel.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty stainless steel barrel bands, black shingle roof kit, and dual floor drains ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Enhanced Lighting: White LED light bar system with Wi-Fi app-based operation, expandable with E SCONCE+ and E MOOD lighting packages.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for simple DIY setup in just one day with two people.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from chemical-free, eco-friendly materials.

Shipping Information

  • Flat Rate Shipping included in  price: $950 to the 48 contiguous United States. $300 to Canada (automatically added in checkout). Contact for shipping quotes to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.
  • Delivery: Special appointment required, curbside delivery on a wooden pallet.

Experience the Benefits of Outdoor Sauna with SaunaLife

The SaunaLife Model E7G 4 Person Barrel Sauna is designed to enhance your wellness routine with its comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, detoxification, or improved sleep quality, this outdoor sauna offers a superior experience. Enjoy a lifetime of outdoor bathing pleasure with this beautifully crafted sauna, designed to elevate your wellness journey.

Includes + Heaters

The following items are included:

Model E7G Sauna Barrel

  • Full-length Thermo-Spruce staves (1.65” thick)
  • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
  • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
  • Full front glass view
  • Tempered bronze glass door
  • Stainless steel barrel bands
  • Black roof shingle kit
  • Spruce cradles
  • Spruce fascia boards
  • Air intake and exhaust vents
  • Extra staves (2)
  • Fastener kit
  • Paraffin oil, 16.9 oz bottle (500ml)
  • Installation instructions

White LED Light Bar System with Wi-Fi App

  • White LED light bar (1)
  • Wi-Fi, app-based operation
  • Wireless handheld remote & mounting cradle
  • 90W power supply
  • Driver
  • 30’ light cable
  • Mounting clips, articulating (3)
  • Mounting clips, flush (3)
  • Installation instructions

The following items are sold separately:

Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Heater Package w/ Built-In Controller and Stones

  • The budget-friendly option
  • Built-in twist knob controls for turning on/off, adjusting temperature, setting up to an 8-hour delayed start, and scheduling a shut-off time of up to 60 minutes
  • Designed to be mounted on the wall
  • Simply pour water over the stones to generate steam
  • Heats your sauna to 195℉ in 20-25 minutes
  • Heater capacity of 6 kW
  • Requires 25 amps at 240V. Requires 10 gauge wiring on a dedicated 30 amp circuit.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Finland to ensure years of safe, dependable, and efficient performance.

Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Heater Package w/ Digital Controller and Wifi and Stones

  • Wireless connection for managing the sauna using your phone (from any location)
  • Individual digital control board for power, temperature, delayed start (up to 12 hours), and timed shutdown (up to 12 hours)
  • Mounted on the wall
  • Add water to the stones to generate steam
  • Heats your sauna to 195℉ in 20-25 minutes
  • Heater Capacity of 6 kW
  • Requires 25 amps @ 240V. 
  • Requires 10 gauge wiring on a dedicated 30 amp circuit.
  • Designed/Made in Finland for long-lasting, safe, dependable, and efficient performance

HUUM DROP 6kW Electric Heater Package w/ UKU Wifi Controller and Stones

  • The Artful Selection: Resembling the clarity of a water droplet – an exquisite focal point for your sauna.
  • Connects to WiFi for controlling the sauna via your phone (from anywhere)
  • Separate digital panel for turning on/off, adjusting temperature, and a delayed start of up to 48 hours
  • Mounted on the wall
  • Can support up to 122 pounds of stones – more than most wood-burning stoves.
  • Heats your sauna up to 230℉ in 20-25 minutes – perfect for those who enjoy a very hot sauna.
  • Generate steam by pouring water over the stones
  • Requires 10-gauge wiring on a dedicated 30-amp circuit, drawing 25 amps @ 240V.
  • Engineered/Produced in Europe to ensure years of secure, dependable, and efficient performance

Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove Kit w/ Chimney, Sheath, Floor Protection and Stones

  • Powered by flames: no need for electricity
  • Installed on the floor
  • All-in-one set includes: Heater, Vent, Tough Steel Cover, Floor Shield, Rocks
  • Add water on the rocks for steam
  • Heats your sauna to 200℉+ in 45-60 minutes (varies with wood fuel)
  • Distributes heat evenly with effective air flow
  • Container for ashes
  • Glass door framed with cast iron
  • Designed/Produced in Finland for years of secure, dependable, and efficient use

Other Heaters – We offer all of the major heater brands, so if you are looking for something specific let us know and we’ll help you spec one out. Most 6kW electric sauna heaters in our store will work so if you find an alternative you prefer feel free to switch it out.


Model Model E7G
Barrel Material Thermo-Spruce
Bench & Backrest Material Thermo-Aspen
Interior Dimensions 63″L x 77″ Diameter
Exterior Dimensions 71″L x 81″ Diameter
Bench Depth 17.8″
Stave Thickness 1.65″
Shipping Dimensions 80″L x 44″W x 37″H
Shipping Weight 1279 lbs
Operating Voltage 24VDC
Wattage 11.32W
Connection Type IP67 Twist Lock 2 Pin
IP Rating IP67
Certification cETLus/SGS/TUV
Power Supply
Input Voltage 120VAC
Output Voltage 24VDC
Rated Power 90W
Certification UL, CE, FCC



SaunaLife E7G Sauna Barrel Dimensions

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