Sauna Life Barrel

SaunaLife Outdoor Saunas

Crafted from beautiful Canadian white cedar, these premium outdoor saunas provide an authentic woodland sauna experience in the comfort of your own home.

Unwind in an Outdoor Steam Sauna

SaunaLife offers indoor and outdoor saunas constructed using exquisite woods sourced from Northern Europe, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Scandinavia. Our sustainably sourced wooden materials are not only more durable but also come at a more affordable price point.

Fashioned from premium-grade wood materials, each space is meticulously designed to endure varying weather conditions with ease.

Your Choice of Style and Layout

SaunaLife features a selection of our most popular sauna room sizes and layouts. Every Dundalk sauna kit includes pre-cut wall, ceiling, and bench panels ready for easy assembly. And we deliver it to your door!

Choose from a diverse range of sizes and styles of fully assembled outdoor sauna cabins, tailored to meet your specific design preferences and needs.

  • Traditional Outdoor Pod Sauna | Model G3
  • Traditional Outdoor Cabin Sauna | Model G4
  • Outdoor Barrel Sauna W/ Changing Room | G11
  • Long Barrel Sauna | Ergo Model E6
  • Long Barrel Sauna | Ergo Model EE8G